Elements of War


By air they flew with spirit driven with firein water they diedbut in earth we remember those that leftIn spirit we unite A reminder that;words are carried by airhate burns brightEmotions run deepand earth becomes mudand the spirit of hate grows …

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Power of Words


Letters like soldiers, Marching in military formation, The cheap shot the first barrage, Profanity in linear form breach the parapet, Bombs of offence drop exploding in bigotry and hate, Vile poison air filled with language alive with provincialism, When you …

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WAT temple of confusion and discuss


Words of hate expelled from digital dreams, As bile filled hard drives leak binary judgements, The human race starts to scream,   While manifestos of hope come with caveats, As truth is suppressed by the oppressors, The human race kneels …

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The four horsemen of parliament


The four horsemen came dressed conservatively, And took their sits with snobbish dignity, Around the table the four did squat, While war spoke of his plan the plot,   War did speak of unity, Four acting as one, the destruction, …

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Song of the prophetess


In the beginning a story so old was told, She would see what would, should or could be, Holder of the seed of the world tree Creatrix of the race humans a move so bold,   So here the words …

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Words Stop Wars


Silence trapped behind dark thoughts, Words of hates filled the airwaves, The storm of disbelief and disinformation rages, We sit dumbstruck as the light of wisdom dies, Common sense is offered to alter of economics, Our elitist Leaders and their …

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A World Goes Mad


Dark rolling clouds cover the sky, Silence punctuated with screams of disbelief, Small pockets of destructions litter the landscape, Blood runs on to the streets of the civilised,   The distorted disease blinds the truth, Madmen dance in sand and …

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