Elements of War


By air they flew with spirit driven with firein water they diedbut in earth we remember those that leftIn spirit we unite A reminder that;words are carried by airhate burns brightEmotions run deepand earth becomes mudand the spirit of hate grows …

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It’s a borderline personality thing.


Conversations with my shadow self Little voices turn in to little people, Who sit in a judgement circle. Archetypes of the different self,   And the shadow self sits as judge. Hope to its left and faith to the right, …

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The accidental hermit is changing


The main problem for me with Borderline personality disorder is that constant flow of negative thoughts and feelings that run through my mind; the inability to form and maintain healthy relationships on all levels personal, professional and on a family …

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A moment


The wind blows leafs down the road, A lone child walks under grey skies; As the crow kraa the morning breaks. Memories of childish dream – Like dandelion wishes dance; As the specter of reality stalks, Escaping down the rabbit …

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june19 the world uk 2017


I have a voice. But too terrified to speak. I see the hate like ribbons on Yggdrasil Dancing in the wind of dark voices. Humans claim race but for-gets! Humanity. Fire burns and more poor vanish As white man in …

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A Stonehenge Saga


In darkness the creature stalks and fear takes many forms, From winters kiss to spring reborn, A fellowship will form, The seven sisters dance in glory of the midnight, One by one, a call is sent, Only hope that replies, …

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Death sits close


Death sits close A smell not unpleasant fills the air Each stranger’s look holds deaths eyes, And she takes the form of friend and pet Comfort comes from communication, We sit and chat like old friends, Weighing the past on …

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Spring as sprung


Spring breezes carry chills; As children kick balls at walls, The dog sleeps in a sun – warmed spot. And the seconds tic like hours; As the buds begs to blossom, The daffodils dance in a golden glow. People gather …

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Bob the BPD bird


  He fly’s in each day, With the words I cannot say, He makes me smile, And gives BPD style, Song of your not alone, With words / thoughts that we are all prone, Hateful thoughts the spotlight shines, Exposing …

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Sometime I don’t understand, why people hurt the common-man, To use words to incarcerate, belittle and berate, Then categorise or label with lies, And shun them with open eyes,   By skin, belief or teeth! all surface not what’s beneath, …

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