A future well maybe


Strip me of my skin – the colour that offends,Tear out my tongue – so I may not speak,Cover my eyes – so I don’t seeWhat is left?But you and me,Covered in scarlet misery and pain,With eyes closed to each …

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A Stonehenge Saga


In darkness the creature stalks and fear takes many forms, From winters kiss to spring reborn, A fellowship will form, The seven sisters dance in glory of the midnight, One by one, a call is sent, Only hope that replies, …

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At first your lies fell onto me like snowflakes — your touch licked at my flesh like serpent tongues, The painful pleasure of scratched vinyl. Explosions of emotions left shrapnel in its wake, sharp jagged feelings ripped raw then exposed …

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Sexy Chicken Recipe


Fragrant oiled fingers; massage naked flesh, Rhythmic circular motions move up; legs and on to waiting thighs, Smooth gentle presses; in to plump breasts, The air fills with aromatics; of a Tuscan dream, As the radio plays lyrical memories of …

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Power of Words


Letters like soldiers, Marching in military formation, The cheap shot the first barrage, Profanity in linear form breach the parapet, Bombs of offence drop exploding in bigotry and hate, Vile poison air filled with language alive with provincialism, When you …

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A Solstice Tale


Age ways heavy on the old warrior god, Skies darken with deaths breath, She who is round like Mabon moon labours, Evergreen soldiers hold back winter icy grasp,   With sword of light to hold back the night, The warrior …

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Picture of Barclays Debit Card


Plastic slab of luxury Edges like a Kardashian’s bum,   Embossed with typography Like a gravestone,   Adorned in colours of the bluest sky, Shot with silver and white,   Bejewelled with status, Attached with technology,   Firm but flexible, …

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