Spring as sprung


Spring breezes carry chills; As children kick balls at walls, The dog sleeps in a sun – warmed spot. And the seconds tic like hours; As the buds begs to blossom, The daffodils dance in a golden glow. People gather …

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And the red thread entwines


And the red thread entwines – Years apart – draw closer Infinite space now measurable A gift from the divine The crime of crime imprisons The stage set for true loves scene As eyes meet, heartbeats, feelings retreat And the …

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Hope with wise words


He is the light in the dark, The voice of hope and salvation, Plotters and the establishment combine,   [“The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already …

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Power of Words


Letters like soldiers, Marching in military formation, The cheap shot the first barrage, Profanity in linear form breach the parapet, Bombs of offence drop exploding in bigotry and hate, Vile poison air filled with language alive with provincialism, When you …

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I long for…


The day I wake with eyes close, Wings will grow and carry me from pain, I will fly high above my memories, And dance with long lost dreams   Darkness will solidify and I will wrap myself in the night, …

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Song of the prophetess


In the beginning a story so old was told, She would see what would, should or could be, Holder of the seed of the world tree Creatrix of the race humans a move so bold,   So here the words …

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