A Stonehenge Saga

stone hengeIn darkness the creature stalks and fear takes many forms,
From winters kiss to spring reborn,
A fellowship will form,
The seven sisters dance in glory of the midnight,
One by one, a call is sent,
Only hope that replies,
The wisdom council assembled to guide and advise,
Men and women of bone and stone,
The enchantress of time,
Along with the rich men of the universe of henge,
Gathered combined – a mind to mend
Across land and time spent
A fellowship so newly formed, must find its true start,
A wall of Durham and wood henge,
Old and new piggy songs
Walking, talking old robin follows the mystery,
And good friendships start to form,
So to the past we see,
Fifteen true soul where called to quest the deep hidden land,
From history to modern day,
Walking in comradeship
Walking! so much walking to bare; in the wet and wind,
Each session a united task,
So soon those ten weeks past,
With barrows and bones the monarch of the plain is proud,
The Cursus calls once more,
A minute in the brain.
In the distance the future they will see; – the Stonehenge,
And time and space reveals so much,
But still so far to go,
From Cursus to Fargo, in woods they sang and they played.
Ringing the living bell in voice,
With barrows and bodies,
The far past resurrected in a moment of time,
Poundland umbrellas keep them dry,
And the wind and rain stayed
The people of bone and stone send a teacher so wise
Darvill had danced in dirt; –
And unearth a real truth,
His words carried true wisdom and knowledge in their wake,
While questions quickly filled the air,
Fact a deep discussion.
As day becomes night to the star and Cursus set flight,
Pleiades stars, and laser light,
Revealing nights secretes.
Calm with the darkness and sky full of stars as mists roll,
The Nebra disc… a story told,
The clues of our past form,
The task is half done, what more learning and fun to come,
United in knowledge and mirth
The group now all as one,
In house of round with roof of thatch the fellowship rest,
Fur and fire and stone – baked – bread ;-
Weaving like ancient dead,
As Time moved back for all to see how life then would be,
They built up and tore down fences
Smoothed with wattle white clay.
Time moves fast but the fellowship cant stay spring awaits,
To earth secrets they must return
Lessons in mastery,
With lumps of clay a bowl is sort, fingers as tools craft,
Decorated the oldest ways,
To fire… they put their pots,
In tent of the boar, the man of fire and wind baked clay

Future artefacts we did make,

And they all came closer,
Unity disrupted by digital eyes and ears,
The dark beast hunts our fellowship,

Some fear from camera

The Balafon played lightness over the king barrow,
And the man from Cameroon played,

Piggy certificates!

The fellowship stood on the burial mounts of kings
And claimed their true place and full strength
And walked the Avenue
Over hill, across fields of sheep in honour they marched,
Off towards the heal stone setting,
The stone circle at hand
A plan to break the cordon and access stones was hatched,
The fellowship played loud music,
Driving back the darkness.
In joyous anticipation they await the dawn,
Some dream of old gods and blue stones
Some in sleepless slumber.
The sun rises as the fellowship takes the circle.
Four elements called to protect
A circle newly formed,
Gifts of friendship bestowed from new appointed keepers,
A given blessing not forgot.
A dream frozen in time,
All together the fellowship held back the darkness,
Found strength and knowledge and true will,
True hope and real friendships.
Through history and the earth you can find a healing rebirth
And even a little magick
And a fellowship of kind

About Mr BPD

About Author. I have Borderline Personality Disorder and as a writer and poet I explore my madness through the creative arts. I have a personal belief that even in darkness light exists and it is a personal responsibility to always seek the light and I find the light in creating something.
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