The Stonehenge lectures 2155

The large lecture hall was filled with around 250 of the most influential scientists all seated awaiting the start. A few members of the press stood in silence at the back as their media drones attached themselves to the walls.
The lights dimmed slightly and outside the hall a bell rang twice, the black curtain on the stage lifted to reveal a waist high chrome circular table with a glass to on which was placed a glass and jug of water and a microphone.
The back of the stage was illuminated with images and artist impressions of Stonehenge that played for 5 minutes. Then “Structural resonance and interdimensional access via temporal vibrations at ancient spiritual structures – the Stonehenge the quantum connection” appeared on the screen followed by With “Head of Multi-verse Studies at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Doctor Caleb Jones DD LTD DCounsPych DappliedMagicks”.
A spotlight lit the right of the stage and a tall man in his early 50’s wearing a lab coat with grey hair walked on to loud applause. As he reached the table he pours a glass of water and takes a sip and turns to the audience as the stage lights flash across his glasses and he picks up the microphone.
“Good morning distinguished colleagues I am Doctor Caleb Jones and this is Structural resonance and access via temporal vibrations at ancient spiritual structures – the Stonehenge; the quantum connection”.
The screen flashed up the word foundation followed by a timeline from the big bang to 2155 with graphics of important periods.stone henge
“As we know that the last century has brought us greater understanding of the universe it started with finding the Higgs Boson particle and the experiment ‘Mental Manipulation of the Higgs Boson in Meditation and Magickal Working by professor Selena Allen and professor Jane Spitz et al (2019)’.
It was this experiment that was much maligned at the time as superstitious claptrap but proved 2 major things 1 that the physical presence can collect non Newtonian energy and with practice can be directed to a purpose and 2 when Higgs is present non Newtonian energy causes the Higgs to vibrate across dimensions allowing ones will to manifest matter or transfer matter from one dimension to another.
It was this experiment that brought Magick and Meditation into mainstream science and has helped us not only improve lives, reduce illness, advance technology but also gave us a better understanding of the universe and the dimensions that surround us.”
He takes another sip of water before continuing, “20 years ago we found confirmation that the spaces between dimensions was increasing at a uniform rate”.
The screen put up a graphic a time line with a red dot at the big bang as the animation plays the dot becomes 3 dots one moving along the timeline the other 2 move above and below the timeline at an angle followed by a mathematical formula d+z2 / (e=mc2 –f) = 1xd x h/360

stonehenge“The easiest way to think of it is this a clock face divides up 12 equally but the distance between no1 and no2 increase the bigger the clock face gets, the universe and multiverse is the clock face growing with time the dimensions are the numbers.
As we move back through time there where periods where dimensions over lapped and we now believe that some people and places vibrated at a frequency that connected them to different realities. This has begun to explain why some people are geniuses, mentally unstable or mediums.
We have detected three distinct energy forms / waves, we have named them the Eve wave, the Adam wave, and the dragons tail wave. Each object is either created from the Eve wave or the Adam wave; the dragons tail wave interconnects with either wave to create living organisms. We have found that periodically all three waves converge creating unique dimensional anchor points in places and people we know the next convergence will be in 75years time, the next one will be in 12253 followed in102256.”
stonehengeA few members of the audience raised their hands to ask questions. Doctor Caleb Jones stops takes another drink, as from the audience desperate calls to be aloud to speak. Dr Jones turns to the audience saying, “let me just get though this bit and I will answer some questions.
We have been able to correctly map the waves and found several sites around the world where there is enough non-Newtonian energy that a dimensional link might form.
Two of these sites where in close proximity and were built when all three waves converged. The two sites Woodhendge and Stonehenge in Wiltshire England gave us more information than we could possibly handle.
This was reinforced when we found a temporal aberration within the Stonehenge timeline around the end of 2016 and the first part of 2017 and with historical data; we have found out that at the time two groups of people with mental health issues”.
The audience giggled Dr Jones clears his throat and continues “ back in the latter part of the 20th and the early part of the 21st century the idea of quantum connected thoughts and vibrational emotional resonance had not even been contemplated.
Anyone showing signs of interdimensional connections on the higher levels where considered mentally ill and where medicated to reduce symptoms luckily today we know it is not an illness but a collective consciousness across 2 or more dimensions, and we train them to use their skills.
But back to the temporal aberration we have found that when all three waves converge the background Chroniton radiation depletes at a standard rate but during 2016 / 17 we find to very minor spikes in the waveform for the depleting Chroniton radiation. We could not find anything in the local archaeology and nothing in historical data that could explain the aberration.barrow
This was until I received a hollow mail from Dr Emma Willams head of digital archaeology whom while recreating the social platform Facebook found within the code a page called human henge, much of the data was incomplete but it did contain information to a website now defunked but the code remains.
Myself and a team provided by Dr Willams recreated the Human Henge website along with related linked sites and discovered in was a short lived project which took the (he uses air quotes) the mentally ill (then stops air quotes) and tried to make a wellness connection with the landscape and archaeology and although we amassed a large amount of data much of it was useless.
Something was missing we had 2 aberrations and 2 unique events we had not considered a magickal connects until we found the schedule and some creative works and a ritual.
To be honest I was not sure of what be more excited about the fact that high concentration of quantum connected thoughts and vibrational emotional resonance present within the circle of Stonehenge at the same time as pools of non-Newtonian energy or that during the second aberration an energy amplifying ritual was used. So before we move on to the experiment do you have any questions?”
stonehengeMost of the audience raised their hands and for the next 45 minutes Dr Jones answered questions. In the background of the stage four men pulled on a large stone and position it in the centre then leave the stage to return each holding a 9 foot copper staff topped with a crystal. They place the staffs at each corner of the stone. And leave once more.
The screen at the back displays the words “the experiment” in large black letters. Dr Jones looks behind adjusts his glasses and takes another drink.
“Structural resonance and interdimensional access via temporal vibrations at ancient spiritual structures – the Stonehenge the quantum connection the hypothesis” Dr Jones pauses. Up till now time travel while still theoretically possible it is trapped within its own limited of physics and natural laws that govern its probability. But if we can create a structured resonance field using an objects own resonance amplified with quantum connected thoughts and vibrational emotional resonance targeted to a known point in time, where the same energies where present we can create a window on that events up till now we have been able to go back no further than a week but using the data collected from the digital evidence and a PDF of handwritten notes from participants we intend to go back to 2017”.
He walks over to the large stone and gently stroked, the surface and a soft smile appeared on his face.
inside stonehenge“This is rock! and she is a sarsen stone one of the few remaining intact stones from Stonehenge if you listen closely you can hear her song her history” he places a special microphone to the side of the stone and from the speakers around the hall a sound that was not a sound but more of a lyrical emotion dancing a story without words that was smooth and sharp at the same time. Several members of the audience throw up or passed out and a number did both, after what seemed like forever Dr Jones removes the microphone.
“That was 2 seconds of condensed Structural resonance played at a audible level” he double checks his watch “actually 2.3 second to be precise now you can see how without training a person hearing similar sounds might react as if they where mentally unwell instead of having a quantum connected thoughts and or vibrational emotional resonance. I did notice that a few of you lost a few things, ok mostly your lunch but how did time feel? Ok raise your hand if those 2 seconds felt like several minutes. Everyone in the hall puts his or her hands up.
triathlon up close“The reason for that is the information stored is not linear it arrives all at once within a fraction of a second then repeats and keeps repeating the information including any new info but we have found away to slow the info down and dissect fragments. The 4 crystals along with mental projection help to coalesce a visual representation of the past. So to demonstrate this I would like to invite on to the stage my assistants, please give a big hand for, David, Mark, Stacey and Amy”
As he call their names one by one they walked on to the stage and he then walks over and shakes their hands. After shaking hands they walk over to the stone and picked up a staff and begin chanting to themselves, Dr Jones walks back to centre stage.
“While they attune themselves we will select a focal point using the data from the PDF” the screen at the back turned white and was divided into 9 squares. “the PDF contained 13 pages divided and numbered 1 to 9 in each square a thought and or feeling was written, 1 page was drawn with 9 different of images,” he continued “we can pin point corresponding dates from the schedule. And with the images we can create a sigil to link the two time points.
We will start with number 8” on the screen appears a crude hand drawing with representations of a man playing a balafon, film camera, hills, a creature and stones “I have also select a piece of text for our assistances to focus on”
a stone at stonehengeDavid will be focusing on the kings barrow, walking up to the henge a beautiful sight and a piggy certificate.” The screen displays a image of a note in blue pen with the kings barrow, walking up to the henge a beautiful sight a piggy certificate wrote over three lines,
“Mark will focus on singing to the ancestors and the living bell and time” on the screen a damaged image the rendering has obscured some words what was clear where the words singing to the ancestors and the living bell and time in blue”
Stacey will focus on removing the negative aspect of press intrusion, which was mentioned in several notes. And finally Amy who will maintain the structure of the field and project the past to the present.”
A large mirror was lowered in to place above the stone and was tilted so the audience could see all that would happen. Amy gestured to Dr Jones that they were ready to begin.
“Could we have silence in the hall the experiment is about to start “ said Dr Jones.
The hall fell silent and the lights dimmed and the stage lights lit the assistants. The air crackled and buzzed with the sound of Electricity and the crystals started to glow getting brighter by the second. Under the electric sound there was a slight hum coming from the crystals.
In a fraction of a second the light in the crystals solidified and beamed a single stream of light to the adjacent crystals forming a rectangle of light. In the internal space of the rectangle the image from the PDF appeared then faded just leaving the lines that glowed and moved to form a sigil.
The sigil vibrated and glowed and a dimensional rift started to form, at first it was a mist that started to swirl then an electric blue vortex formed and an image began to form.
Stonehenge stonesAs the image became clearer you could see a group of people walking towards a large mound a hollow wooden sound filled the air. The image faded slightly and then refocused to the same group hiking across the landscape, their seemed to be a groove in the ground that they where walking along their were sheep and birds and the views in all directions could be seen as the group thinned out and regrouped near a large stone. The closer the group got to the stone the more the image faded and the vortex began to collapse and the light from the crystals dimmed.
Dr Jones stepped forward “we will need to repeat this process at least twice to triangulate the aberration and form an interdimensional two way link where possible communication may take place.
For our second attempt we will use the week before this seems to of been a creative session and we have in fact a few of the original pots which will place on the stone to increase the quantum connection and create a more stable connection.
Using the same document the image as you can see on the screen behind” he looks over his shoulder and the screen is black,” he clears his throats and repeats “Using the same document the image as you can see on the screen behind” this time the screen displayed another crude drawing of what looks like a strawberry, scissors, a woman’s back and an animal trap but they may also be pots. “This is image 7 and I have selected for David the text sitting together with gentle soft clay, many dots put together all over my pot. Holding and gentle moulding forming we are all, comfortable together”. The text appears in faded grey pencil on the screen.
pottery being fired at stonehenge“Mark’s text will be pottery learning” which again appeared, on the screen in a light black ink. “ And for Stacey the text Skulls, history of pottery, made pots, watched firing” again the words flashed on the screen in a darker black ink. And Amy will have the same part as last time. To maintain the structure of the field and project the past to the present.”
Once again the lights dimmed in a flash the connection was made and the image forms of a large room with people sitting around a table moulding clay theirs a vibration of fun and concentration building in the room strengthening the connection the sounds of the conversations where so clear, the giggles and laughter sent ripples across the audience causing them to laugh. This time the image didn’t fade it just snapped to a tent with the group standing around holding their pots the smell of fire filled the air along with much chatter. The vortex began to glow and crackle like fire, the hall became hotter and the crystals started to glow red the image focused on a clay face filled with hot coals the smoke was coming through the vortex.

stone age pottery

The pot i made at Stonehenge while on the human henge project

Amy releases her staff and announces to Dr Jones in a soft melodic voice “we have a connection” Dr Jones smiles “one more and we are set! we need to reinforce the connection so we will use for this 3rd attempt image 3 which as you can see contains a duck umbrellas and rain. For Mark the text. ‘reflecting in rainy woods, David’s text is ‘poundland umbrella,s no leafs on trees, pouring rain, huddled together forming on be brolly, Stacey’s text is outside, umbrellas, woods roof of umbrellas, wet and windy, refreshing trees.
As Amy took hold of her rod the connection was made, the sound of howling wind filled the space the air became moist and images of bright patterns moved like a kaleidoscope and conversations were muffled by the sound of rain this time the image seemed to flow in and out of the vortex so much so it seemed to be raining on the stone. Amy once again releases her rod and announces she has the connection.
Dr Jones steps forward once more he was smiling “we have the connections so we can triangulate the aberration. We have no sigil for this so we will connect with the elemental forces present in the connections already made and the stones and try to bind them to the ritual this way two communication can take place.” As he is talking the assistants leave the stage and return wearing different colour robes with triangle symbols carrying an object, which they placed on the stone. The first was David in yellow who put feathers down, followed by Mark in red who placed a lit candle down followed by Stacey in blue with a jug of water and finally Amy who placed a small blue stone down.
Dr Jones turns to see if everyone was in place which they where, “ok everyone we are going to create the link” the lights dim and everyone focuses on the assistants.
stone at stone hengeDavid picks up his rod and chants under his breath and the crystal glows yellow Mark follows and as he chants his crystal turns red, followed by Stacey whose crystal turns blue, Amy completes the group her crystal turns green.
All 4 crystals begin to vibrate and a circle of white light surrounds the assistants forming a column of light the assistants seem to fade in and out of reality at the same time the inside of the stone circle starts to form. Inside was a group of people standing in a circle.
The audience watched as they held hands sang and shared gifts they watched as they separated to explore the circle. Dr Jones walked around the wall of light until he found an individual who was alone. He found his target and walked through the wall and appeared in front of a young man. In the mirror you could see the 2 men phasing in and out. Dr Jones tried to communicate but no sound came out the young man quickly walked past with his head down, Dr Jones grabbed his arm and in a flash the 2 became solid while everything else phased out Dr Jones tried to explain what was going on but the man just stood their repeating your not real, you don’t exist and your only apart of my illness.
No matter how much Dr Jones tried to explain the man was having none of it so with a tug he pulls him through the wall of light into 2155 and into the lecture hall. The man stood their shocked with Dr Jones still holding on to his arm he remained motionless for a moment before pulling his arm away and running back to the wall of light but the moment he touches it theirs a large flash of light and time resets to the start of the lecture and they spent eternity reliving the same lecture over and over
The End

This was written for the Human Henge Project and was inspired by the experiences i had all images are photos taken by myself including the one from inside the stone circle

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About Author. I have Borderline Personality Disorder and as a writer and poet I explore my madness through the creative arts. I have a personal belief that even in darkness light exists and it is a personal responsibility to always seek the light and I find the light in creating something.
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