Just can say the words

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Help and adviceI am hurting, in pain,

Please see my suffering.

Like a trapped animal fear me,

Show me kindness and see past the posture and snarls.


Be my Androcles I will be your lion,

Show me you care more than I care

Make me believe,

You have my love! now earn it!


I need, I want, I love,

But I am alone,




Will you share my pain,

Hold my hand to hells heart

Be my strength.

You say yes I reject you.


My pain

My hurt

My life

My suffering


But I just can’t say the words,

I can’t say it

Self protection rules


About Mr BPD

About Author. I have Borderline Personality Disorder and as a writer and poet I explore my madness through the creative arts. I have a personal belief that even in darkness light exists and it is a personal responsibility to always seek the light and I find the light in creating something.
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