Crazy in love

crazy in loveStay away, I don’t want to play,

My heart is closed now go away,

I don’t need another to keep me safe,

I’m secure in my safe place,

I turn and not look back.

My hopes of love are in a sack,

You step forward and hold my hand,

I know that sex is your plan,

No emotions, I will have a go,

Bodies entwined and time goes slow,

Moving as one I lose my way,

The count starts I will have to pay,

Distrusts sets in,

Thoughts of how you will sin,

Hour by hour I look for lies,

No longer trusting the love in your eyes,

I will stalk and spy,

As love just dies,

Now that it’s gone wrong,

With tearful eyes at sad song,

Destruction now begins,

I chose you downfall with verbal spin,

I call you names and push you away,

You fool you want to stay,

I try harder and up my game,

Telling you you’re not to blame,

While demanding you’re all the same,

The more I push the more you want to stay,

You show me how much you won’t sway,

If you don’t leave,

I can’t grieve,

I can’t blame you or blame me,

My mental torturer you don’t see,

I have to be alone, just me,

Unloved to reinforce my false identity,

You know I will never trust,

Our love will turn to dust,

In time you will go,

And I will know,

I pushed away,

The only love that could stay,

About Mr BPD

About Author. I have Borderline Personality Disorder and as a writer and poet I explore my madness through the creative arts. I have a personal belief that even in darkness light exists and it is a personal responsibility to always seek the light and I find the light in creating something.
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