Coping with someone with BPD

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thought in my headBorderline Personality Disorder is a difficult illness symptoms differ from one person to another. But is just not the person suffering from BPD who needs to take care of themselves but it’s also family, friends and partner who also go through a rough time. I know personally i have said some really nasty things to the people i care about and lost some good people from my life due to this illness.

For family members and friends and partners you have probably experienced many episodes and tantrums, you have probably been insulted if not it’s coming. Remember not to take things too personally. A person with BPD is in pain, and in some ways acts like a wounded animal it can be difficult to to get close to the person while they are snapping at you.

Just remember don’t get caught up in the drama by attacking back be calm, don’t judge them or say things like come on snap out of it or pull yourself together. Listen to them but don’t try to force a situation sometime step back just say something like “i love you, you’re a nice person but you need to do what you need to do, when you’re ready to talk i will be here i will make a drink would you like one”.

These outbursts are caused when something triggers a emotional reaction after sometime you will become aware of what triggers these outbursts, but take some time to ask the suffer what causes or triggers the outbursts. Together find ways of reducing triggers.

People with Borderline Personality Disorder will have suicidal thought or self harm remember to keep them safe and encourage them to seek help.

Above all keep yourself healthy it can be very stressful and that can have an effect on your own mental health.

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