Colour of my love

colour of my loveIn my hand a picture of you,

Tears run down I feel blue,


Now on my own,

Weeping the only tone,


I miss your touch, your sexy waist,

Thoughts of you I erase,


A bucket filled by every tear,

Being alone is what I really fear,


Trapped in emotion bound so tight,

The end of my tunnel has no light,


Where lived two loving hearts,

Stripped and ripped the hollow parts


Your body no more I feel,

My broken heart so real,


In time I will be fine,

One day, a new love will be mine,


At this moment it only pain I feel,

Torment and suffering so real,


With rocking motion I am feeling fine,

Time to take back what’s mine,


The pounding beat of my heart,

My life you’re no special part,


Transcendence has now just past by,

No holding back I will try, I will try,


Time to fine new love a new start,

A relationship in which I take part,


Wedding rings I now buy,

See you left ! …and   I didn’t die!


Poem prompt to use a poem or song and using only the rhyming words and create a new poem

Original poem used “colour of my love by Celine Dion”



About Mr BPD

About Author. I have Borderline Personality Disorder and as a writer and poet I explore my madness through the creative arts. I have a personal belief that even in darkness light exists and it is a personal responsibility to always seek the light and I find the light in creating something.
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