Spring as sprung


Spring breezes carry chills; As children kick balls at walls, The dog sleeps in a sun – warmed spot. And the seconds tic like hours; As the buds begs to blossom, The daffodils dance in a golden glow. People gather …

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Bob the BPD bird


  He fly’s in each day, With the words I cannot say, He makes me smile, And gives BPD style, Song of your not alone, With words / thoughts that we are all prone, Hateful thoughts the spotlight shines, Exposing …

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Silent footsteps cross the mind


Silent footsteps cross the mind, As sunshine calls the child inside to play, Blue skies and green bud, Blossom on the breeze, And desires burst forth like snowdrops, As ribbons of the mind bind the body, Contorting the soul, Fear …

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Sunday Dreaming


Skies dance in grey and blue, Sun shines as wind whips, Rain obscures the windows view, And the shadows walk the halls, The voices of the past echo in the silence, The soul sits in contemplation. The enlightenment of isolation, …

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When did it change?


When did it change? Was it always this way? Was kindness a delusion? Has my psychosis heal? Was the hate always present? Did it hang like shadows? Kept away by medicated realties. Was its voice muffled by drugs? Was vision …

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The Shadows Climb Walls


Shadows climb walls, As memories infest the contemporaneous, The past now weaponised! The future poisoned. The present encaged Feelings bounce like rubber balls, Times stands still. Trapped between the seconds. I dance in darkness hiding from the light. But soon …

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Loving a borderline


I took to my love and battered them with complements, Heart strings where plucked and pulled, And I laid my soul bare.   Feeling like words where honey dipped, Flesh touched like electric feathers, And I opened my heart.   …

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Circle of stones


This poem was wrote for the human henge project and can be read on their site at http://humanhenge.org/2017/02/20/circle-of-stones-by-mr-bpd/ Wind swept open space, Secretes hidden in Gaea’s flesh Time and technology advance the human race. Ceremony in celestial orbit Buried in barrows… …

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And the red thread entwines


And the red thread entwines – Years apart – draw closer Infinite space now measurable A gift from the divine The crime of crime imprisons The stage set for true loves scene As eyes meet, heartbeats, feelings retreat And the …

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Elemental Lanturne Poem – spirit


Soul Spirit Akasha Ether that flows All knowledge is known Our destiny entwined Goddess finally revealed Keep us going by donating  

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