About Mr BPD

About Author. I have Borderline Personality Disorder and as a writer and poet I explore my madness through the creative arts. I have a personal belief that even in darkness light exists and it is a personal responsibility to always seek the light and I find the light in creating something.

Elements of War


By air they flew with spirit driven with firein water they diedbut in earth we remember those that leftIn spirit we unite A reminder that;words are carried by airhate burns brightEmotions run deepand earth becomes mudand the spirit of hate grows …

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It’s a borderline personality thing.


Conversations with my shadow self Little voices turn in to little people, Who sit in a judgement circle. Archetypes of the different self,   And the shadow self sits as judge. Hope to its left and faith to the right, …

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Hope has gone


I want the world to go away, What was a playground is now an empty shop, High streets over taken by betting and coffee sipping, Children used words of deepest blue. The monsters no longer hide in darkness, Freedom to …

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The accidental hermit is changing


The main problem for me with Borderline personality disorder is that constant flow of negative thoughts and feelings that run through my mind; the inability to form and maintain healthy relationships on all levels personal, professional and on a family …

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Faith and mental health


I spent many years discovering and developing my religious viewpoint and practice. Without a belief in a higher purpose I not sure that I would be here today. I have learnt to accept the darkness that comes with borderline personality …

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Talking About Self-harm


Self-harm is not just about cutting or burning, its also excessive drinking or drug use and other things that you know will cause harm to your self. I like and many people with mental illness self harm and I can …

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Our green and pleasant land blighted by hate, Little men with little island mentality – Make war against democracy, The weak harnessed to the yoke of injustice – As the world points fingers.   History starts to repeat And the …

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A moment


The wind blows leafs down the road, A lone child walks under grey skies; As the crow kraa the morning breaks. Memories of childish dream – Like dandelion wishes dance; As the specter of reality stalks, Escaping down the rabbit …

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Published elsewhere


Guest blogging here The Arts in Wiltshire I was asked by The Restoration Trust to write a guest blog on behalf of the Human Henge Project for The Arts in Wiltshire website. below is a short excerpt read the full post here Creative Arty …

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Its not a story but could be


The four chambers of the dark heart beat. The creature hides shrouded in power; Creating shadow puppets to distract- As claws strip mine human dignity and steal hope, Wings fan the flames of hate while history repeats, Foulest breath poisons …

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